Cat survives after being found with paws frozen to ground

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 February 2015 at 12:00 am

Provided photos – This cat was found Friday in Holley with its paws frozen to the ground. Sanitation workers found the cat in between two garbage cans.

HOLLEY – A cat found Friday with its paws frozen to the ground is on the mend.

The white, underweight cat was removed on Friday, and its skin peeled from its paws. A neighbor on Geddes Street took the cat to Wiley’s Animal Ark in Holley, where Dr. Krista Wiley says the cat, which appears to be a stray, is recovering.

The pads on its feet remain bright red, and they worry the tips of the cat’s ears are frostbitten.

“It’s amazing she lived,” Wiley said today. “In this kind of cold weather it is hard for cats to maintain their body weight.”

Wiley suspects the cat was looking for shelter in between the garbage cans. Wiley said no one has called looking for the cat.

She said she will likely work with Debbie Mignano of Stray Cat Solutions to try to find a home for the cat.

Wiley has been a vet in Holley for 12 years. This is her first time she has helped a cat recover after it was found with its feet frozen to the ground.

She urged people to not leave their pets outside for very long in the brutal cold.