Carpenters’ union shares insights with building trades students at BOCES

Provided photos: This group of seniors is in the building trades program at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center.

Posted 9 November 2021 at 10:30 am

Press Release, Orleans/Niagara BOCES

MEDINA – The building trades students at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center had a great presentation from Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters.

Teacher Matt Anastasi says the veteran carpenters – Jeff Pasnik, David Brumsted and Nick Pangrazio – brought concrete forms so that the students could make a mock basement foundation form.

“This would be the same as they would do for a new home,” Anastasi said. “The union members helped the students layout, erect, shore, plumb and complete an entire form. Since we are currently using the same curriculum as the new Carpenters’ Union apprentices, it is aligned perfectly with what we are doing in class.”

Jeff Pasnik, one of the union carpenters, is a past graduate of the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center. He been a guest speaker in class before where he spoke about the benefits of joining the union and how to plan if that was their goal.

“The knowledge, expertise and opportunities these guys brought really helped my students fully understand the foundation form job duties,” Anastasi said.  “Anytime our curriculum can be transferred to real applications such as this really helps my students gain a deep understanding of the curriculum.”

These juniors are in the building trades program.