Carlton highway garage damaged in accident

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 March 2018 at 6:32 pm

Employee drove dump truck into garage with box in upright position

Photo  by Tom Rivers

CARLTON – One of the bays in the Carlton highway garage was damaged today when an employee made a mistake and drove into the space with the box of a dump truck in the upright position.

That took out about six rows of cement blocks above the door, the steel-beam header and also damaged the door, Highway Superintendent Kurt Van Wycke said.

“The big thing is no one got hurt,” he said.

The employee is a long-time motor equipment operator for the town. Van Wycke said the employee is a hard worker and asset to the highway department.

The employee had the box in the upright position to wash out salt from the winter plowing season. The employee then went to put the truck back in the garage but forgot to lower the box.

“He is a veteran employee who was just thinking about the next thing to do,” Van Wycke said.

The open space has been boarded up and the insurance company will be on site on Wednesday. Van Wycke said the damage will be repaired.

The dump truck only has some cosmetic damage and still works just fine, he said.

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