Carlton GOP chairman says Narburgh has proven to be effective town clerk

Posted 16 June 2021 at 9:43 am


I am very encouraged that this election cycle, in particular, this year’s Primary Race for Carlton Town Clerk, has voters taking the initiative to become as informed as possible in regards to the two candidates and why this Primary is necessary.

As chairman of the Carlton Republican Committee, I would like to offer some insight as to why we, the Committee, endorsed the incumbent, Karen Narburgh.

To paraphrase McKinney’s Town Law §30, the basic job description for a Town Clerk is to be:

• Custodian of all Town Records, including, but not limited to all meeting minutes, the Ordinance Book, and deeds of conveyances

• Receiver of all monies due the Town (taxes, water bills, etc.)

• Maintainer of the Town’s signboard for legal postings

• Issuer of licenses and permits

In addition to the above, Karen has proven countless times, the actual job description should also include:

• A genuine desire to see that the Town is managed in a positive manner for growth

• Taking pride in being a customer service professional by knowing the residents and landowners

• Being attentive to the resident’s needs and having the ability to resolve issues at the basic level, in a timely fashion, often immediately

• Commitment to being available, whether herself personally or her staff, at any time day, night, or weekend as events arise

• Having the ability to recall prior situations and their outcomes in order to maintain continuity

• Demonstrating knowledge in the various, current programs, and being able to coordinate with each (REDI, LWRP’S, Solar, Wind)

• Being an effective liaison between the Town Board and sub-set boards and positions (Planning, Zoning, Highway and Water Depts., Assessor, Courts)

• Professionally able to work with outside contractors and consultants to better maintain Town assets

These attributes are not ones we are born with. They are developed over time and honed in with dedication, determination, and experience. The Town of Carlton and Karen have committed a lot of time, effort, and resources to give the residents of Carlton a Town Clerk to be proud of.

There is no hidden agenda as to why the Carlton Republican Committee made Karen our endorsed candidate. We, as a Committee, are charged with the duty of putting forward the best and most qualified candidates to serve the Town’s best interests.

That, is in fact, what this position is all about, public service to the community, of which Karen has excelled at.

Respectfully submitted,

John Fitzak