Capitol insurrection shows Trump cult run amok

Posted 7 January 2021 at 8:36 am


The president invited a mob of neo-nationalists to go to the Capital and stop the certification of electors. He retired to what used to be the famous Rose Garden and by video encouraged them generally as “his type of people.” Sure they were.

They have been talking about take over for decades; finally they had a President who would use them to hold power.

This coup attempt was quickly suppressed. I have thought for a while that short of war if Trump fought leaving no holds barred that he could hurt himself and set the stage for his own demise.  He would have to cross a line in people’s minds for which they finally could not forgive him.

Until this day all was being structured and postured as a cover story for Trump to perpetuate his lies. I was not encouraged. It is hard to expect people to read and understand all the cases demonstrating Trump is, pure and simple, a uniquely unsuccessful shill.

But Trump stopped hiding behind lies and blew the start whistle for the “proud boy”, militia, KKK types.

They invaded the Capitol. The number of crimes committed is legion – guns used to stop our Congress is traitorous insurrection. And Congress agrees.

Now I want to assess if the criminality of thinking and the nationalists acting on Trump’s lies will sink in. Clearly everyone involved in the Capitol invasion needs to be held out as examples of a cult run amok. It was and is their smoke screen.

Trump-appointed US attorneys around the country promise they will hunt them down. So maybe Trump has finally gone too far with honest people now that he has proved he is just another power-hungry domestic terrorist.

Maybe seeing this we can come together. (Then again one nut sent me a doctored video from  OAN – Trump’s new favorite channel.)

But real Americans do not give in to foreign propaganda and do not throw in with white nationalists. We dig in, do the right and legal thing, and win. Jan. 6 reminded us of that and why laws and legal traditions are the cornerstone we do not mess with.

It’s time to come back to our senses.

Conrad F. Cropsey