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Candidates on the ballot for today’s election

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 November 2017 at 8:41 am

There are many local elected positions on the ballot today at the town and county level. Here is a list of the candidates:

Orleans County

County Judge

Tonia Ettinger (D-C) vs. Sanford A. Church (R)

County Clerk

Karen Lake-Maynard (R)

County Treasurer

Kimberly DeFrank (R)

County Legislator At Large (countywide)

Al Capurso (D) vs. Donald Allport (R)

Merle “Skip” Draper (R)

E. John DeFilipps (R)

District #1

William Eick (R)

District #2

Lynne Johnson (R)

District #3

Fred Miller (D)

District #4

Kenneth DeRoller (R)


Town Supervisor

Richard Remley (R)


Matthew Passarell (R)

Arnold Allen Jr. (R)


Town Supervisor (Pick 1)

Cyndy VanLieshout (D), Sean Pogue (R, I) and Robin Nacca (C, United Taxpayer)

Town Clerk

Maureen Beach (D)

Town Justice

Richard DeCarlo Jr. (R, C, I)


Thomas McCabe (R, I)

Lynn Hill (R, I)


Town Clerk

Karen Narburgh (R, I)

Town Justice

Kevin Hurley (R)


Jeffrey Gifaldi (R)

Deborah Yockel (R)

Highway Superintendent

Kurt VanWycke (R, Jr. VanWycke) vs. David Krull (C, I)


Town Supervisor

Richard Moy (R)


Marc Major (R)

Paul Nicosia (R)


Town Supervisor

Joseph Grube (D, R, I) vs. Carol Culhane (C, All of Gaines)

Town Clerk

Susan Heard (D, R, I) vs. Debra Mitchell (C, All of Gaines)

Town Justice

Toni Plummer (D) vs. Bruce Schmidt (R)

Councilperson (Pick 2)

Joyce Riley (D), Tyler Allport (R, I), James Kirby (R), and Susan Smith (C, All of Gaines)


Town Supervisor

Anthony Cammarata (R, I)

Town Clerk

Janet Bolton (D, I) vs. Amy Richardson (R, C)

Town Justice

Debra Drennan (R, I)


Wayne Martin Jr. (R)

Bruce Newell (R)

Highway Superintendent

Warren Kruger (R, I)


Town Supervisor

Robert Miller (R) vs. Joseph Sidonio (C, I)

Town Clerk

Cynthia Oliver (R, I)

Town Justice

Gary Passarell (R, I)

Councilperson (Pick 2)

Michael Mele (R, I), Paul Hendel (R) and Michael Whalen, (C)

Highway Superintendent

Edward Morgan (R, I)


Town Clerk

Karen Kaiser (R, I) vs. Tara White (Tara White for the People)


David Stalker (R)

Jeffrey Toussaint (R)

Highway Superintendent

Mark Goheen (R)


Town Supervisor

Edward Houseknecht (R, C, I) vs. Wendi Pencille (write-in)

Councilperson (Pick 2)

William Bacon (R, I), Stephen Seitz, Sr. (R, I) and Gerry Zinkievich (write-in)


Town Supervisor

James Simon (R, C, I)

Town Justice

Donald Grabowski (R, I)

Councilperson (Pick 2)

Harold Suhr (R, I)

James Whipple (R, I)

Paul Lauricella, Jr. (C, United We Stand)

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