‘Candidates’ for Hillside chancellor will meet public Tuesday at Holley Elementary

Staff Reports Posted 23 May 2016 at 12:00 am

4 animals – 2 dogs, a hedgehog and a goat – are on the ballot in fundraiser for cemetery chapel

HOLLEY – There is no mudslinging in this campaign. For animals are vying for the title of honorary “Chancellor of the Chapel” at Hillside Cemetery. The “candidates” will be available to meet the public at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Holley Elementary School.

The public can vote for a candidate by spending $1 per vote. The election is a fundraiser for the cemetery. The competition is sponsored by the Holley Elementary Student Council.  Each vote supports the restoration of the historic chapel in Hillside Cemetery.

The race for chancellor started last week and continues until June 10. The winner will be announced on Flag Day, June 14. Updates on the race are available by clicking here.

“Despite a lot of back biting, some braying and occasional grunting, the Honorary Chancellor race is good-natured and offers both the community and friends an opportunity to support the restoration of the chapel,” according to a press release from the Clarendon Historical Society announcing the event. “The candidates have a variety of qualities to offer.”


Samson is managed and supported by Craig Lane. This dog started life on the streets of Las Vegas. He happily left “Sin City” to reside in peaceful Clarendon with Mr. Lane where he enjoys making new friends and frequently disperses slobbery kisses to most anyone.

Slogans for Samson include “Keep Calm- Vote for Samson!”, “Pawsitivity the Best!” and “It’s not a RUFF choice, vote for Samson!”


Scarlett, the hedgehog, is managed and supported by Corrinda Shepherd. Scarlett is a loving mother who occasionally resides at the Elementary School with her array of four adorable hoglets.  Always patient with the students, she is often sought out as a confidant.

Slogans for Scarlett include “Stop Hedging, vote for Scarlett!” and “Hogs N Kisses, vote for Scarlett!”


Gamma is managed and supported by Samantha Zelent along with John and Sandy Heise. This dog narrowly escaped death in Georgia, finding a second chance at happiness in Holley. He is loving, very active and particularly fond of a certain 7-year-old.

Slogans for Gamma include “Doggone it! Vote for Gamma” and “Leave no Dog behind, vote for Gamma!”


M&M is managed and supported by Fran Gaylord and Karen Clark.  Observant, curious and opinionated, this goat prides herself on always being on top of the situation.

Slogans for M & M include “Whatever floats your goat, vote for M&M!” and “Don’t be a stubborn old goat, vote for M&M!”

With such excellent candidates, it will be a tight race as the voters decide who best will fill the role of Chancellor of the Chapel.  The Elementary Student Council urges everyone to vote early and vote often!

Votes are $1 each and are unlimited. Local polling places include Clarendon’s Town Hall, the Holley Village Office, the Holley Library and the offices of Dr. Schiavone and Dr. Wiley in Holley or by contacting the manager of any candidate.  Alternately, votes may be made online via Paypal at https://www.paypal.me/clarendonhistorical.