Candidates backed by SOS in Yates should recuse themselves from votes on Apex project

Posted 1 February 2016 at 12:00 am


There’s been some talk about the Attorney General wind farm code of conduct agreement, urging people who are landowners in the Lighthouse Wind project who hold public office seats to recuse themselves from any voting.

What about those who are active members of SOS (Save Ontario Shores)? I think they should also have to recuse themselves from voting. We don’t know their motive(s) for opposing the wind farm.

We at least know that landowners in the project are being paid by Apex to host turbines on their property but we have no idea why SOS members are so incredibly active at opposing the Lighthouse Wind Farm. Maybe they are being paid off by other companies we don’t know about or other public interest groups. Who is funding their efforts?

Jim Simon, the new Yates Town Supervisor was backed by SOS during his campaign and John Riggi, new Yates town councilman, was president of SOS. This to me is just as much of a conflict of interest. Also, Jim Simon is not accepting any pay as town supervisor. What if he is being paid by someone else and his main objective is to oppose the Lighthouse Wind Farm?

Opposing the wind farm isn’t some saintly duty that these SOS members love to cry about. Who are they really representing because it’s definitely not Yates residents. I believe SOS is playing a game of smoke and mirrors, and playing it well.

Shining light on Apex activities when in actuality they are the ones acting from a place we can only imagine. They are not being held accountable at all like Apex is by state and local citizens.

I am truly thankful for the Article 10 process because clearly this topic has become so emotional I don’t think anyone in this area could make a rational decision. Everyone’s got their hand in a least one cookie jar.

Susan Campbell