Candidate seeks end to dysfunction on Gaines GOP Committee

Posted 11 September 2016 at 7:58 am


Take it from the chair of our Republican Committee: the party is dysfunctional.

Gaines GOP Chairman Guy Smith’s letter to the editor says quorums can’t be met and there’s poor communication. The committee fails to even endorse candidates.

Isn’t that exactly what it’s supposed to do?

According to Joe Grube and his letter, this is all perfectly fine. In fact, he wants to “maintain” such “independence” and “credibility.”

Something not adding up?

Well it doesn’t stop there. He then puts down candidates for committee as “cronies.” I’m not sure if this is an attack on us candidates, or the Town Board. I do know it’s odd to “embrace robust participation” in one breath, and then dismiss those who seek to participate as mindless hacks in the next.

Wait, there’s more. He belittles elected officials trying to control the committee. Then, he says the voters should elect a whole list of public office holders (or their spouses) for committee.

It seems that Joe Grube says one thing, but does another.

We are thrilled that Gaines GOP voters actually have a say in who serves on the committee for once. This election isn’t about control or “cronies.” All the candidates running are good people.

But the time has come for a change. Plain and simple.

I hope Gaines Republicans vote to end the dysfunction and put-downs. That’s the status quo, and I just don’t think Joe Grube sees it.

But I see it. Guy sees it. And I think every day Gaines residents do, too.

I would appreciate your support for me, Guy Smith, David Allchin and Jim Hood on September 13th.


Ray Burke