Candidate petitions due Feb. 8 to run for village elections in Medina, Albion

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 27 January 2022 at 9:18 am

Candidates seeking to run for the Village Board in Albion and Medina have until Feb. 8 to submit petitions signed by at least 100 registered voters.

These petitions are to run as candidates under an independent party for the March 15 election.

Albion held its Republican and Democratic caucuses on Tuesday evening. Republicans backed Angel Javier Jr. for mayor and Tim McMurray and Dan Conrad for trustee candidates. Democrats picked Vickie Elsenheimer as candidate for mayor, and Sandra Walter and Joyce Riley for trustees.

But there is still time to run as an independent party candidate. The petitions need to be turned into the Village Office by Feb. 8.

Medina doesn’t have major party caucuses. The candidates all run as independents. The positions up for election include mayor (currently Mike Sidari) and two trustee positions (currently held by Tim Elliott and Marguerite Sherman).

There isn’t a village election in Lyndonville this year, and Holley holds its election in June.