Candidate for Murray town supervisor seeks support in challenging ‘entrenched political establishment’

Posted 30 May 2017 at 8:00 am


Today, I formally announce my candidacy for Murray Supervisor.

I have been a fixture at board meetings for many years and have written at length in this forum about my concerns with how our town is managed. In the last few years, Murray has endured double-digit tax increases, over-levying in the water fund, water loss and a scathing NYS Comptroller’s audit.

And all this with no credible explanation from our Supervisor or Board.

As a businessman, it is apparent to me that these weaknesses stem from failures at the top. Murray has wonderful assets and dedicated employees, and we can do better. I know I can help fix our town and have been encouraged by so many. Therefore, I’m stepping forward to help get us on the right track.

I am ready to be your Supervisor and believe I’m the best qualified candidate.  I’m a Marine Corps veteran with three deployments over four years, commended twice, and earned an honorable discharge. I graduated from Montana State University College of Business with a bachelor’s degree in management. After college, I worked for the Montana Department of Highways Accounting Department Audit Division.  After two years, I returned to College to complete my accounting degree. Upon graduation, I followed my dream to embrace entrepreneurship and built my own company, which brought me to New York to work in the mining and materials handling industry. My business is rooted in solving efficiency problems in production and handling to increase the bottom line.

I have been very happily married for 16 years to my wife, Amy. Together we are raising our wonderful daughter Amelia. I have embraced Murray as my home and have volunteered to serve the Town of Murray and County Planning Boards for the past 12 years.

My life’s journey is not without mistake. 25 years ago, I found myself at odds with the law as a result of a personal relationship that ended badly. Due to my own error of judgement and immature behavior, I was charged with stalking under a newly enacted Montana law. I accepted responsibility for my actions, pled guilty, and was placed on probation. Upon successful completion, my guilty plea was withdrawn, the charges and case dismissed, and my conviction expunged.  Although the charge involved no allegation of violence, substance abuse, or act of dishonesty, I carry the weight of my actions with me to this day. I own it. In hindsight, this was a pivotal event in my life making me a better person, husband and father today.

As candidate for Supervisor, I am challenging a very powerful and entrenched political establishment in Murray, and I suspect my opponents will try to misrepresent this episode. I trust the voters of our town will recognize the difference between legitimate issues affecting our future, and petty personal attacks. Please know my door is always open and I’m happy to share all the facts with anyone who would like to know more.

As your Supervisor, I will work for you. I am accountable to you. I want to make Murray more financially secure through efficiency, more welcoming to business and more even handed in how our laws are enforced.

Working together we can get there. I have shared my personal life with you today in the spirit of transparency and honesty. I’m asking for your confidence in leading our Town to a better future.

Joe Sidonio