Candidate for GOP Committee in Murray says time to shake up status quo

Posted 8 September 2016 at 10:47 am


The Town of Murray has a plan and it’s a good one. It’s the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2008 by volunteer citizens committed to the future of our town. The plan describes who we are and where we would like to be in the future. An entire chapter is dedicated to implementation to achieve those goals.

Unfortunately, since 2008 no significant effort has been put forth to accomplish the goals. The future is now, we must come together to move our town in a positive direction meeting the challenges ahead with prepared confidence.

I have entered the political spotlight this year questioning civic leaders on budgets and policy that our neighbors shared with me. It has been met with entrenched opposition. Hopefully, my efforts prove that I am capable of standing firm for our beliefs and what we think is in the best interest of our community.

I believe Supervisor Morriss to be a good and honest man. Those of you who know him better than I would likely agree. It’s a tough job and he’s given it a good go.

However, our property tax rate increases are rising faster than any other town in the county. Our Water Department is losing money and showing signs of significant water loss while town spending hasn’t decreased. We seem to be stuck in the status quo.

Since 2014 efforts have been made by the town to implement local laws penalizing businesses and residents through increased code enforcement violations. You cannot attract nor maintain vibrant businesses or move a community forward by penalizing its residents and businesses with oppressive code enforcement policy or self-serving government.

I have represented the Town of Murray for over 10 years at the County Planning Board and for several years on the Town of Murray Planning Board. I believe in proper planning for things to come and taking the necessary steps to work towards goals. To date what has our town’s leadership done to move this community forward?

The Town Board discussed recently that the town doesn’t need to form a committee of interested residents to update our Comprehensive Plan. They can handle it. I respectively disagree.

Community involvement is what our town needs now more than ever. We should set aside personal differences and come together to work towards a brighter future. We have many great resources here and fine people with bright minds to move us forward. If we all give a little we will accomplish a lot.

Without action we merely exist in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. The September 13th primary election is a very important milestone in our community. It is our chance to elect a new representative for our district to the Republican Party, a chance for us to have a new voice.

Of particular importance is the fact that representatives nominate and endorse candidates for election in our town and village. I’m proud to force this primary. I’m proud to give you a choice in representation.

Without a challenge, representatives may simply re-appoint themselves to their positions without election and continue the self-serving political government that plagues America.

I would say that is why they simply don’t want me involved. I say to you … that is why I’m running!

Kindly vote for change.

Joseph Sidonio