Candidate for Gaines Town Clerk says her only focus in job would be serving residents

Posted 18 October 2017 at 8:05 am


My name is Debra Mitchell, I am the Deputy Clerk of the Town of Gaines, and I am running for Town Clerk.

I have been told, “If you are not a Republican, you don’t have a chance!”

I am of a different opinion. I am not registered with any political party. I have been serving as Deputy Clerk in the Town of Gaines for over a year, and I love this job. According to all of the people I work with and to the residents with whom I’ve spoken, I do the job efficiently and well.

I did not get the position of Deputy Clerk based on my affiliation with people or parties, and I won’t be elected to Town Clerk that way either. In this country each and every vote counts, and in a small community such as this, an individual’s vote counts a great deal more. Your voice matters in this election.

My promise to the residents of Gaines is to continue to do the job well, while continually improving on the groundwork that is already in place. It is of the utmost importance to me to be fair, and to stand firmly on what is right. I am able and willing to work with any and all people. I have no agenda, and I owe no favors.

Between my opponent and I, I have the unique experience of being the Deputy Town Clerk for over a year. I’ve been working in tandem with the current Town Clerk, and I’ve had the opportunity to see the job up close. I’m always striving to learn, that is why I have received formal training through the New York State Town Clerk’s Association, and will continue to take advantage of every opportunity to further my education in this field. I believe it would be a requirement to remain knowledgeable in a rapidly changing world.

Not being registered with a political party means that the only thing I can offer you is my skills and experience as a public servant, as a person, and as a resident of Gaines. There is no name or party to overshadow who you are electing.

Please, remember to vote on November 7th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debra Mitchell