Candidate for county clerk says she has leadership skills, deep understanding of county

Posted 22 June 2020 at 10:52 am


This was certainly a campaign I did not expect. I was looking forward to going door to door, participating in parades and festivals to introduce myself to those I do not know and hug those that I do know.

Not being able to attend events has been extremely difficult for us all. This pandemic has really changed the way to get out and share what my vision is as the next Orleans County Clerk.

I envision new talents I can contribute in the Orleans County Clerk’s/DMV Office. I have had a lifetime of experiences working in various opportunities in Orleans County. Throughout my years, I have gained a lot of knowledge of my county.

My leadership training began in my life way back in my childhood in 4-H and has expanded continuously especially graduating from the 2018 inaugural class of Leadership Orleans.

In my 30-plus years of employment and life experiences, I am ready to take on a new opportunity to serve the residents of Orleans County. As the current Clerk of the Legislature, I know the administrative operations of Orleans County.

My education and legal background would also benefit me as the Orleans County Clerk. In serving seven years as the Kendall School Board President, I oversaw large capital project ventures and our board had to balance budgets that supported all of the stakeholders in our education system. This was all done for the best interest of providing quality education to our students.

Besides serving ten years on the Kendall School Board, I have also volunteered countless hours to the Orleans County Republican Committee, Community Action and the 4-H program. My commitment to volunteerism is important, and I know that our county survives on what our residents do for others.

I ask for your support on Primary Day. I appreciate those that have already supported me in early voting or by sending in your absentee ballot. I promise to serve you honestly and respectfully.  That is what I have done in my current position as Clerk of the Legislature and I wish to continue in that regard as the next Orleans County Clerk.

Stay well!

Nadine P. Hanlon


Republican candidate for Orleans County Clerk