Candidate appreciates fair and free elections, urges community to vote in upcoming primaries

Posted 27 July 2017 at 8:44 am


I felt privileged on this morning (July 26) to witness one small cog in the wheel that makes up our democratic process here in Orleans County.

More town offices will be having primary elections this September 12, than at any time in recent history, perhaps ever. To a political junkie like myself, this would be cause to celebrate, but this one is even more personal, as I am on the ballot for Murray Town Supervisor.

The Orleans County Board of Elections held a blind drawing this morning to decide ballot position for all the upcoming primaries. Many of the candidates for public office were in attendance.

Town by town, the drawing was conducted in the same fashion. A small index card with each candidate’s name was inserted randomly into a book, face-down, with only a small portion protruding. These cards were then pulled out by volunteers from other towns in attendance. The first card pulled out was the top spot on the ballot, and in cases of three or more candidates for one or two positions, the cards were pulled to determine ballot order from the top down.

Many are blissfully unaware that there will be primary elections this year. Unfortunately, turnout for such elections are historically low. I would love to see the County of Orleans reverse this trend, as many important races can be impacted by the primaries.

I will grant you that the excitement generated in this drawing might pale in comparison to that of a large sporting event, yet it is another simple mechanism in the process of a free and fair election. Furthermore, the outcome of a sporting event does not have a direct impact on your life, whereas the outcome of an election may.

The concept of free and fair elections is something we seem to take for granted. We should instead appreciate that we are guaranteed this right, and understand that we are blessed by our founders and those who came after, who established these rights. Further, we should be grateful for those who facilitate, maintain, and protect these rights for us.

In closing, if you routinely pay homage to our veterans and service members, there is no better way to honor them, and truly show your appreciation than to exercise the right that their continuing sacrifice guarantees for you. Exercise your right to vote on Primary Day, September 12!


Robert G. Miller