Canada Flivver Drivers tour Orleans, WNY

Posted 20 June 2018 at 11:09 am

Photos by Ginny Kropf

ALBION – Joe Baker of Albion and his neighbor Andre Hoffman stand next to the 1920 Model T touring car Baker and his wife Mae own. They visited the home of Dave Armitage and Dona LaValley on Sunday with the Canada Flivver Drivers, who are staying at Baker’s while touring Western New York .

The Canada Flivver Drivers, members of the Model T Club of America, are staying at the home of Joe and Mae Baker of Albion, while touring Western New York. On Sunday they visited car collector Dave Armitage of Batavia, where three of the cars are displayed here. From left are a 1928 Whippet, 1926 Dodge Roadster and the Baker’s 1920 Model T touring car.

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