Cabaret in Albion returns Saturday with virtual show

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 9 October 2020 at 6:47 pm

Site hopes to open at 25 percent in-person capacity soon

File photo by Tom Rivers: Gary Simboli will be performing on Saturday at the Cabaret at Studio B in Albion.

ALBION – The Covid pandemic has really affected the world, including the performing arts, said Amy Sidari, owner of Gotta Dance Studio and the Cabaret at Studio B in Albion.

She has a schedule of performers booked for 2020.

“By early 2020, Gary Simboli and I had already secured six tour buses for our matinee shows,” Sidari said. “I know in my heart we would have doubled, if not surpassed that had the pandemic not occurred. Our Judy Garland Show, Jazz Cabaret shows, Marcy Downey’s shows, our Variety Show, nationally acclaimed singer Erin Boheme and the Mancini Trio, as well as a Junior Class Variety Fundraiser Show and many more were put to a halt.”

Now Sidari said they are almost ready to open their doors for 25 percent seating for live performances, while streaming the show to the remaining patrons.

“You can imagine the loss of income the performers will experience with only 25 percent of the theater filled,” Sidari said. “Then factor in the added cost of technicians to create a virtual show.”

Once open in the future, the Cabaret at Studio B has come up with some new ideas to sweeten the deal for their live audiences, Sidari said. For guests fortunate enough to secure seats in the theater, they have created a VIP program.

Guests will be able to pull up to the curb at Studio C, and enter the building while staff parks their vehicle. This is not only convenient for guests, but safer, Sidari said. No one will have to stand in line. They will enter the studio, one car at a time, making social distancing easy.

Coat check is an option once inside the building.

A meet and greet with the performer will take place in the new Crossroads Studio, where all can socially distance.

Guests will then be escorted to their socially distant seats.

“Keep in mind we are speaking of an audience of only 22 people, making great visibility of the show,” Sidari said.

For those unable to attend, a ticket to a live stream or prerecorded show is a safe option. The show can be enjoyed in the privacy of the viewer’s own home, where they will see exactly what the in-person guests are viewing.

In the meantime, Gary Simboli is launching his new full-length show, “All you Need is Love.” This 90-minute show will make guests laugh, reflect on the world with love and leave them once again amazed at the gifts he possesses, Sidari said.

For those who want to know how this new format will work, they will purchase their tickets and on Oct. 10 a link will be e-mailed to them. Once they click on the link, they can watch the show any time, as many times as they like on the 10th. The next day, the link will disappear. The show has been professionally filmed by Joram Bierdeman with sound by Jan Erakare.

“Truly, when you view this performance, you will feel like you are in the Cabaret watching it live,” Sidari said.

Tickets are on sale now online (click here) or by calling the Ticket Team at (585) 354-2320.

“Gary and I are thrilled to bring entertainment back to you, one step at a time,” Sidari said. “Proceeds from this show will go our renovation fund to put the finishing touches on the new Crossroads Studio, which will lead to many new ideas, programs and events for the community we love.”

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