Businesses, big and small, all have targets on their backs from government

Posted 25 February 2019 at 5:10 pm


One of my letters would not be complete without the brilliance of Mr. Darren Wilson’s expert analysis. Mr. Wilson says, “our benefit derives from the fact these energy sources are relatively cheap – not just that they merely exist.”

Is there other practical energy sources out there to run a massive economy we don’t know about? That they are cheap is your opinion. Then Mr. Wilson goes on to quote how the oil companies are all on board with this warming nonsense.

Mr. Wilson I know you have stated in letters that I am someone you would not care to know and that you’re not even interested in knowing how I would square a circle (your dry humor) yet you can’t help yourself. I understand. You have “Lauricella Envy.” You’re not the first.

So let me explain how it works in business. You start a business and you immediately have a target on your back. From the smallest to the giant corporation. The government at all levels. Every alphabet agency, the tax man, code man etc. is gunning for you, especially if you have deep pockets.

Let’s stick with the oil companies. Most everyone has been propagated from youth to hate the oil companies. Never mind the profits all receive by them being in business.

Mr. Wilson, I believe you to be an extreme leftist but are you that naive that such a hated business (oil companies) would not say that they believe in this unicorn? Do you think they want the full power and attention of the federal and state governments breathing down their back more than they already do? Do you think they want the indoctrinated young college students and old hippies protesting outside of their headquarters every day? Do you think they want the liberal media plastering their names all over the airwaves for weeks on end screaming polluters and deniers? No sir, these agencies and leftist media sources can put a real hurting on a business.

So they play the game, donate lots of money to the right causes and say the most politically correct things. Out of survival and necessity every big corporation plays the game. Every small business plays the game. They advertise and tell everyone how environmentally friendly they and their products are. How they are working to fight climate change. How their boxes are recycled material. How what they do is geared toward saving the planet.

That’s what people want to hear and the sheep buy their products thinking by buying them they are saving the planet, too. Sure some are sincere but most companies do it to ward off the regulatory werewolves, vampires and radicalized activists.

With all clarity,

Paul Lauricella