Burnside says he would build bridges in a fractured Town of Barre

Posted 5 November 2023 at 6:52 pm


I would be proud to serve as Barre Town Supervisor. But, a few things I lack is an arrogant attitude, the ability to be self-serving, or the psychological manipulation of gas-lighting people.

I have a strong character, have served in places where even evil fears to tread, and have no need to sow self-doubt in anyone.

We live in a small town. Everyone used to get along. Think back to when it changed. Who came here and changed it?

I urge people to go back to live streaming of the Town Board meetings. I have attended the meetings in person, live, and virtually. To be attacked and lied about is ridiculous. Even if I did not attend every meeting, is that a pre-requisite to run for office?

The need for electricity in the park is not our biggest issue…and to think that our money will come from an entity that has not been given the full green-light, doesn’t seem wise. The board wisely voted against doing so.

The current town supervisor and I agree on one point, bringing in new business to our town. However, many of his supporters do not agree on this. Without encouraging a younger generation to come in with hopes of increasing a population, what new business would want to come in?

But, that is not my decision, because this is not a regime, it is a town that belongs to the people. However, it is not wise to stop progress to an aging-out population. I am not about my own agenda, I am about wanting to help people, progress as a town, help the elderly obtain the available tax credit, and help the Cold War veterans obtain their veteran’s tax credit.

I never, ever said that I will stop wind turbines from coming into the town and I never, ever threatened to sue anyone using your money, my money, or anyone else’s money to do so….that was from an election years ago where I was not involved and am offended that this has been an accusation on my running for election. I wish people would stop grasping at straws.

I am honest, I am transparent, and I am kind, but I am not weak. The handouts were from the primary election and only says that I was backed by Republicans and endorsed by the Conservative Party. What about that makes me dishonest and how is that cloudy?

I was never approached and told to move a sign. I never, ever threatened to sue anyone for touching signs. Another grasp to tell a falsehood to discredit my good name. We did find that, due to modern technology, signs disappeared and signs were moved around.

What evidence shows that I lack willingness to learn about the position? Where is the evidence that I alone can halt the installation of wind turbines? The damage for this agenda has already been done. I do not support the turbines, but if they were to be forced upon this town, then I would work diligently with the board and with the townspeople to protect everyone’s best interests.

The harmony in this town, at this time, does not seem too promising…if you continue to vote for the person that brought the discord in the first place.

I am asking that you vote for me on the Conservative Party line, because I do care about what happens in and to this town and about you.

Semper Fidelis,

Scott Burnside