Burger King in Medina looks to add charging station for electric cars

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 25 February 2020 at 8:25 am

MEDINA – The Burger King on Maple Ridge Road in Medina wants to add an electric charging station for electric cars.

Burger King has talked with Dan Gardner, the village code enforcement officer, about the approval process for installing a charging station.

Gardner advised the Village Board on Monday about the charging station, which would be the first in Medina or Orleans County to be available to the public.

The village currently doesn’t have specific language in its code for electric charging stations. The board asked Gardner to work with Chris Busch, the Planning Board chairman, to consider how the village code could be amended to include electric charging stations.

Gardner said Burger King hasn’t made a formal application to install a charging station, but is serious in making one available.

Village Trustee Marguerite Sherman said she would like to see a charging station in the downtown business district as well. She said the charging stations draw visitors to a community.

“People with those cars plan their trips around a charging station,” she said.

The state has offered grants for communities to put in charging stations.

Click here to visit the Medina Burger King online.

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