Bower details November report for Sheriff’s Office

Posted 8 December 2018 at 2:20 pm

Provided photo: This photo shows law enforcement officers in Orleans County and Lyndonville school faculty members on Nov. 1 when they played in a volleyball game.

Press Release, Sheriff Randy Bower

In the month of November, the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department 911 Dispatch Center processed 2,059 police incidents, including 746 events for Sheriff’s Road Patrol, 221 for the New York State Police and 1,092 calls for the Village police agencies of Lyndonville, Medina, Albion and Holley. There were 517 Fire/EMS related calls dispatched countywide with 397 of those emergency medical in nature and a total of eight drug overdoses.

Sheriff’s Department Road Patrol Deputies handled 77 automobile accidents, including 13 with injury and 48 car-deer collisions. Road patrol also made 72 service attempts and successfully served 38 subpoenas, civil or court papers. The Marine Patrol handled 1 vessel inspection on Lake Ontario. The Orleans County Jail processed in 94 inmates and handled 35 prisoner transports to court appearances.

The Sheriff’s Animal Control Division handled 72 incidents including 16 stray dogs, 1 stray cat bite complaint, 13 neighbor dog problems, and several other miscellaneous animal calls. In addition, eight animals were taken in to shelter on voluntary surrenders.

On November 1, members of the Sheriff’s Department, along with other county law enforcement members, participated in a volleyball fundraiser against Lyndonville School Faculty with proceeds benefitting the Junior Class.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Department also provided “SAFECHILD ID” sign up as part of the function. As always, the event was a great way to positively engage the community and interact with area youth.

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