Bower already enjoys widespread support in Sheriff’s Office

Posted 16 November 2015 at 12:00 am


I’m writing in response to the recent letter from the district attorney, urging the citizens of Orleans County to set aside “personal differences” and unite behind our newly elected sheriff, Randy Bower.

The DA writes that he is confident and speaks “on behalf of the entire law enforcement community” when he says “Sheriff Bower will receive full support and cooperation as the next Sheriff of Orleans County.”

Am I the only reader who interpreted its content to be somewhat irrelevant due to the outcome of the election? Now, if this letter came on the heels of Tom Drennan winning the majority of the votes, I would have seen the importance and urgency of such a letter. But that not being the case, I find the write up to be a fluff piece, wrote, too little too late, by a very intelligent elected public official.

Let us consider the facts: Bower was backed by “the current members of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, State Police, Orleans County Employees Association and the NYS Law Enforcement Officers Union.” (Martin Troup) Also, “in an unprecedented move, both the union that represents the criminal division and the union that represents the correctional division also endorsed Bower.” (James W. Halstead, Retired Deputy Sheriff)

I am curious as to the extent of backlash the citizens of Orleans County were to have endured, had the members of its Sheriff’s Department not gotten their way.

As far as I am concerned, the “tidal waves of controversy and discord” wielded directly from within THEIR walls. Eventually, we, the general public, began forming our own opinions based on the words of those who have sworn to protect us.

I do agree with Mr. Cardone that the “safety and security of our community is dependent on the effective operation of the Sheriff’s Department.” €With that being said, I too now stand behind Randy Bower for sheriff.

Not because I found him to be the better candidate; but because I truly believe that had Tom Drennan been elected, the OCSD would not have upheld their oath to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic” to the best of their abilities. (Sheriff’s 2nd Amendment)

Just one person’s opinion.

Richard Klaver