Bourke would be effective leader as sheriff from day one

Posted 21 June 2019 at 9:19 am


With another contentious Republican Primary for Orleans County Sheriff only days away, voters have two choices: an out of towner, or a life-long and committed Orleans County resident. Christopher Bourke is the life-long and committed Orleans County resident.

His opponent, Brett Sobieraski, has stated on many occasions, that he “chose” to build his home in Orleans County because he “loves” it. Yet, until the recent years, he has been largely absent from the Orleans County community, spending much of his time being involved with organizations and groups in Rochester and Monroe County. I will call it as I see it – Mr. Sobieraski is an opportunist, who seeks personal political gain by seeking the office of Sheriff.

Mr. Bourke is a life-long Orleans County resident and has not only chosen to continue to reside in the County, but to also serve Orleans County and its residents for over 35 years, as a member of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office. It is no secret: Mr. Bourke could have made a lot more money working for another law enforcement agency, outside of Orleans County (for example; Rochester PD). However, he chose to stay where his heart is and where he has always called “home” – Orleans County.

Working his way through the ranks from Part-Time Corrections Officer, to Road Patrol Deputy, to Lieutenant for 18 years, prior to becoming Undersheriff, all with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office, Mr. Bourke knows the department that he seeks to lead. When you combine Mr. Bourke’s knowledge of Orleans County, his experience and leadership, with that of his chosen Undersheriff, Michael Mele (who is also a life-long Orleans County resident and has chosen to serve Orleans County for over 20 years), you have a team that is ready to lead the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office on day one.

On June 25, voters have an important decision to make – do they want an outsider, with limited knowledge of our county and local criminal justice system? Or do they want an life-long resident, with over 35 years of experience in the department that he seeks to lead?

Mr. Bourke and Mr. Mele are well qualified, with command experience. They are both capable and effective leaders. I urge voters to make the right decision on June 25 and vote for Mr. Bourke, choosing him as the Republican nominee for Orleans County Sheriff.


James C. White