Bourke is a man of courage and integrity

Posted 25 June 2019 at 9:41 am


We need a sheriff who not only knows the Constitution, but understands what it actually means, and will uphold it fully.

We need a sheriff who knows what the original intent of his office was—to protect us from any and all persons and agencies who would infringe on our Constitutional rights.

We need a sheriff who knows that he is the highest power in the county and is not afraid to take that position for our sake.

We need a sheriff who understands that he has an office of the people, not a department of the county.

We need a sheriff who grew up in, lives in, and works in our county and intimately knows our community, our ways, and our needs.

We need a sheriff who coordinates our social service agencies and groups to accomplish the goal of securing our health and well-being.

We need a sheriff who treats us with care and concern, using discretion when necessary, and enacting fairness in every situation.

We need a sheriff we can be confident will not run roughshod over us, abuse us physically or verbally, or use his position to intimidate us.

We need a sheriff who will not bow to the wishes of those in political office, no matter the repercussions, because he knows he works for us.

We need a sheriff who will do everything in his power to keep us safe and secure.

We need a sheriff with the integrity to command the divisions in his office honestly and fairly.

We need a true Constitutional Protective Sheriff, as he was originally intended to be by our founding fathers.

That sheriff will be Chris Bourke, who has been working in a Constitutional Sheriff’s office and fully understands and embraces the tenets of that office. He will defend us to the full extent of his power and he is not afraid to face down the dragons that would destroy our liberty. He is a man of courage and integrity, as well as personable and sympathetic. He will combine the full knowledge and skills of his profession with the desire to keep us safe, healthy, and at peace.

Judith Larkin