Bourke has shown his commitment to Orleans County for more than 30 years

Posted 17 June 2019 at 9:56 pm


What’s integrity? Recently I have heard that question asked among people quite often. My answer to that is I feel it is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values, rather than personal gain.

For the time I have known Christopher Bourke he has shown me these qualities. Also having served 30-plus years with the same law enforcement department proves his ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.

In 30 years, times have changed. Chris has continued to work in this county and progress with these changes. At times we must look at the larger picture, and focus on what’s best for all.

We need to stop trying to divide our county, and come together. Remember there is strength in unity! I support Bourke for sheriff. He has supported the communities of Orleans County for over 30 years. And he will continue to support his county.

God bless you Chris, and God bless Orleans County.

Question for people: “Who can walk around your house better than you in the dark?” No one because you have spent your entire life there.

Rev. Trellis Pore