Following policies should ensure quality education for all Lyndonville students

Posted 19 May 2024 at 5:25 pm


The Orleans Hub article on “Meet the candidate’s night” at Lyndonville focused on the health insurance policy currently proposed as a term of contract negotiations. The article also addressed “scare tactics” used.

Please refer to public District Policy ( in the citations below.

Role of the Board of Education (BOE) (#1310 and 1311 summary):  “The board manages and controls educational affairs of the district. The major role of the BOE is to hire a superintendent who is competent to manage the district. The board will support and evaluate the Superintendent.”

The board is represented and has input on union negotiations (including health insurance) but terms of contracts are not the sole dictation of BOE. Union contracts are tied up with larger entities in the county and state. Violating the terms of contracts can have legal and financial impacts to the district.

Discussing contract terms (on any subject) that are still in negotiation are not in a finalized state should not be presented in a public forum.

 #1350 e. “Represent the entire community without fear or favor.”

Rumors of bullying tactics, retaliation and accusations in this election are direct opposition to the policies the board has laid out for itself and that we as a district frown upon for our own students.

Tough issues including bullying will continue to come up with our students and our community. It is critical to come together as an educational team to face them on a united front to develop viable solutions.

All parties should have spoken about the exceptional students, teachers, staff, administrators, and the future of our district.

#1350 f. “Remember at all times that the board member is one member of an educational team.”

Taking a “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality needs to be in place. Parents, teachers, administration, Board of Education members and the community need to all come to the table to continue to foster the growth of the future generation of our country.

Lyndonville is small and has the gift of working with friends and neighbors to pave the road for future success even within NYS mandates.

There is such an opportunity to work together to get to the black and white text of how things operate. Reviewing current procedures, determining effectiveness, and providing clarity in existing documents is critical to support organization and streamlined operation.

Technology could be utilized more for condensed and efficient communication. This platform also can be used to build a conversation for all those on the educational team. The BOE can put a quick summary video of meetings on the website, grade level announcements all in one place, or utilization of text messages for upcoming events are some options to be explored.

Fostering our kids to have deep roots fed by the strong values we have and big wings grown with the education provided in our school is what Lyndonville does.

Please vote for me for the Lyndonville School Board (#2 on the ballot, #1 tiger in your hearts). I am invested and have done the work to be the most informed to perform this role. No matter what the results I want LCS to continue to be the best as a team!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at

Megan Bruning