‘Blue’ policies will continue to drive residents out of New York

Posted 12 November 2017 at 6:58 pm


I read the congratulatory letter by Jeanne Crane, chairperson of the Orleans County Democrats, to the winning Republican-backed candidates and she seemed almost wistful in the hope of Democrats one day being in the majority. I hope not.

In endorsing candidates for various offices in the county and towns, I read nothing about what the Democrats wanted to accomplish if they were elected. Now, from the county down to the villages, my view is that the governments have specific duties and responsibilities to the taxpayers and that they spend that money wisely. What would the Democrats do differently than that?

If one follows national politics, we have two major private parties with vastly different ideologies vying for control of the Federal government. We read about turning states and counties red or blue which is determined by the leanings of the members of those parties and eventually to control by Republicans or Democrats.

Trouble is, neither party is adhering to the United States Constitution. Both parties are travelling the road as Progressives ever since Teddy Roosevelt took the reins of power. Progressivism is not in the Constitution. Progressives do not like the individual liberties and freedoms espoused by that document.

We live in a blue state, not likely to go red. Because of the policies and taxation of the Democrats, people will continue to leave the state. New York State recently fell to fourth in population behind Florida, what state will be next? Being blue means paying more for Medicaid and other social programs. Cuomo is bleeding us dry.

So I would rather the county be red. I cannot take any more hope and change.

Jim Tuk