Blount/Washbon Memorial event highlights Crusaders Motorcycle Club’s racing season

Contributed Story Posted 28 June 2019 at 9:11 pm

Contributed Photo – Grand Prix Division champion Ryan Wells is flanked here by runner-up Ryan Scavuzzo, left, and third place finisher Austin Luczak at this past Sunday’s Crusaders Motorcycle Club’s 20th annual Pat Blount/Les Washbon Memorial event. Wells had a huge day as he also captured both the 450 Expert Premier and Open Expert classes.

The Crusader’s Motorcycle Club’s feature competition of the season, the Pat Blount/Les Washbon Memorial event, was held this past Sunday at the Culvert Road track.

Over 180 riders took part in the day’s competition including racers from Washington state, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Maryland and Australia.

However, it was local rider Ryan Wells who led the parade of winners as he scored a big sweep winning the 450 Expert Premier, Open Expert and Grand Prix classes.

“It’s nice to see him back at his hometown track,” said event sponsor Rhonda Waters. “He’s a front runner and the former 2016 champion in the AFT series and has years of racing at the Crusaders track and many Western New York venues to thank for his talent and skill level. We have a little gold mine in Medina and have some fast kids racing here coming up through the ranks, The talent that comes from this track is helping fuel the resurgence of Motorcycle Flat Track racing to a national and international spotlight.”

The event was co-sponsored by Waters Autobody and Paint, the Blount Family and Karen Washbon to memorial two individuals who had a great impact on motorcycle racing in this area, Pat Blount and Les Washbon.

The top three finishers in each class were as follows:

50CC 4-8 Shaft – Bryson Hazel, Jace DiMatteo, Bryson Shuler

50CC 4-8 Chain – Jude Lacy, Izaih Rodriquez, Jordon Spearin

65CC – Brody Hazel, Cooper Smith, Matthew Bertola

125 4 Stroke – Ty Holmes, Justin Bell, Brody Hazel

80CC – Justin Ball, Jacob Peacock, Brody Hazel

125 CC – Jacob Delamarter, Jacob Peacock, Ty Holmes

250 Amateur – Zachery VanAmeron, Ryan Scavuzzo, Cooper Fournier

Open Amateur – Ryan Scavuzzo, Devin Erdle, Cooper Fournier

Open Expert – Ryan Wells, Timmy Wells, Austin Luczak

450 Expert Premier – Ryan Wells, Jonny Welles, Austin Luczak

Grand Prix – Ryan Wells, Ryan Scavuzzo, Austin Luczak

The Crusaders next races will be on July 21.