Biden should step down from demanding job of being U.S. president

Posted 3 July 2024 at 12:17 pm


Many Americans use the words “existential threat to democracy” when referring to former president Donald Trump’s actions on January 6th. Fine – for the sake of argument, let us accept that language.

Many Americans are using the words “existential threat to democracy” when referring to President Joe Biden’s incoherence during the June 27th debate. Shall we accept that language?

Perhaps there is a better question to be asked: Is President Biden able to fulfill his duties as commander-in-chief responsible for making truly existential decisions within 30 minutes to respond to a nuclear attack on America? I think not. With all due respect, let’s put it another way: Would you drive in a car with Joe Biden at the wheel?

Like Trump on January 6th, Biden is – at least for the moment – unwilling to do what is best for the country and resign.

Different circumstances between January 6th and June 27th? Sure. Granted.

Different outcomes resulting from January 6th and June 27th? Let’s hope not. For the good of our country, Donald Trump peacefully gave up the reins of power on January 20th, 2021. Will Joe Biden do the same?

President Biden should resign immediately, and Vice President Kamala Harris should be sworn in as president as soon as possible. Then let the November election chips fall where they may.

Jim Simon