Biden, even with his jumbled words, is far better than an immoral Trump

Posted 4 July 2024 at 4:14 pm


To Mary Mager.  I had a Business Law professor at Cornell who stammered, stuttered and jumbled sentences that ran on and on.  I learned more from him than most because what eventually got out was valuable info. The content and relevance of what is said is what matters – not the presentation.

To Mr. Simon. You state that he peacefully gave up the reins of power? He never conceded defeat, he directly incited an assault on the nation’s capital to overthrow the orderly conduct of the governments business.

He tried to coerce a Georgia official to “magically find” 11,780 votes to artificially swing that state’s results. He has constantly invoked the “Big Lie” about a stolen election – to help keep our country divided and not thinking straight.

I’ll take a moral, honest man who has the fate of the American People at heart – even with some stumbling speech patterns – over a lying egomaniac, with empathy for only himself, any day!

Bruce Kirby