Biden embraces solutions and progress while Trump is driven by anger

Posted 15 June 2024 at 8:03 am


In politics, progress used to be made between the 40-yard line. Increasingly, “anger” with leaders throwing “tantrums” stands in contrast to “decency,” “progress” and “actual competence.”

The debates need to address some of these differences. It will be the advocate of Clorox injections versus the man who actually got an infrastructure bill passed.

Will we hear about tax cuts? There fact betrays reputation. For 40 years our deficit increases have occurred under Republican presidents. Each Democratic president has drawn down the deficit. And if Trump talks tariffs, think massive inflation – even depression!

Will we hear about crime? Fox and all Sinclair TV local stations nationwide frighten people by treating crime as if it’s up when it’s actually down again. And immigrants per capita commit far fewer crimes than whites. In New York City the murder rate is at a 20-year low.  Who will claim what? And is it the truth? Every police officer fills out and files the reports.

In individual’s homes real wages are up and most feel economically secure. But we are told the economy is poor. Which candidate understands the  economics and which will give glib answers. Which one understands that unpaid tax cuts are followed by inflation?

And what about crisis management… Trump did not have a national roll out prepared for the Covid vaccine – even after Maryland earlier had to swipe respirators in transit as states were left to fend for themselves. Biden used federal resources and reorganized shipments and distribution to both state centers and pharmacies within weeks.

Trump took months to organize aid to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Biden got assistance to fire-ravaged Hawaii seamlessly.

The huge Baltimore port only took 11 weeks to reopen this year and Biden’s managers seamlessly rerouted 40% of goods destined for the eastern states. Did you notice the huge interruption?

Trump will ramble and contradict himself or hedge his statements. He will scapegoat, give glib solutions and emphasize getting even. Biden will be  patient and demonstrate a laser focus on how to actually help all of us.

Good government should have absolutely no entertainment value as you watch!

When it’s anger versus progress there only one right path.

Conrad F. Cropsey