Biden chooses well in VP with Harris, who has credentials, respect of both parties

Posted 12 August 2020 at 7:53 am


Sen. Kamala Harris is a magnificently qualified VP choice. She first came to my attention several years ago with a successful initiative to help children. She knows good communities start there.

She got top marks as an executive running a huge law enforcement department. She quickly rose to prominence as a respected leader of both Republican and Democratic Attorney Generals.

Harris  is additionally ready from legislative service on foreign “Intelligence” protecting us and “Judiciary” protecting The Rule of Law.

Nothing was handed Senator Harris and she overcome obstacles anyone born with a silver spoon in their mouth cannot fathom. She cares but is no one to trifle with. She is no nonsense about getting consensus and the job at hand done.

Kamala has demonstrated detailed knowledge of the matters before her as a Senator. She knows the legislative process first hand and how to work with others. Even Lindsey Graham has voiced deep respect. (Let’s see if he is now forced to flip.) Calling her socialist or radical left does not square with her career.

If you have watched, anyone, left or right, trying to feed her a scripted or evasive answer will find her ability to strip them bare devastating. With her mastery of the actuals facts and reliance on very forthright questions, even brazen liars crumble. AG Sessions ended up mumbling. AG Barr stopped answering to avoid perjury.

Vote for her or not. But check her record yourself no matter what gets made up and thrown about in this election season. You will find she can listen, analyze, organize, communicate and lead.

Kamala Harris is an exceptional, historically talented and capable candidate.

Conrad F. Cropsey