Beware efforts to thwart the sacred right to vote

Posted 28 March 2021 at 7:23 pm


On March 25 the Georgia governor made it legal for Republicans to steal Georgia elections. This law states the Georgia legislature can remove and replace any local election official.

Our ex-president (thank heaven for the ex) Trump made two phone calls to Georgia officials asking them to steal votes for him. The most well known was the hour-long call to the Georgia secretary of state. What’s lesser known is the call he made to a local election head. Neither of these, being honorable Republicans, bowed to Trump.

If the law that was just passed had been in effect back then that Georgia local official would have been replaced by the Georgia legislature with a Trump toady. That toady would have found the votes Trump was asking for.

The right to vote is sacred and the forces that want to steal that right are forces for evil.

Dennis Seekins