Better utilizing Niagara hydroelectric plant makes more sense than building ‘wind plantations’

Posted 18 April 2017 at 1:29 pm


The current crop of NYS wind mills generate no power 74 percent of time over a year. So out of 8,760 hours in a year these unwanted, unsightly monstrosities take up space and accomplish nothing for 6,482 hours.

In a 24-hour day, one’s power would be off for 17.76 hours and on for 6.24 hours. Think about your power being off for nearly 18 hours of every day. No sump pump, no heat, no lights, no refrigeration, no television and no power tools to operate.  Homeowners would need to purchase home generators.

Try operating an electricity grid system with a 74 percent unreliability factor. No one looks forward to that.

Meanwhile, years ago the NYPA with great strategic vision began a “Life Extension Modernization” program at Niagara Hydro Power. The Niagara Switchyard and transmission line circuits are receiving a similar modernization program. Expenditures of hundreds of millions of dollars will elevate this world-class jewel into a clean power generating machine that can no longer be disregarded.

Information and data used here was gleaned from NYPA 2013, 2014 and 2015 Annual Reports.

For 2013 “Net Dependable Capacity” was 2,441 megawatts with net generation at 13,000,000 MWH which equates to a 60.80% capacity factor.

For 2014 “Net Dependable Capacity” was 2,680MW with net generation at 13,680,000MWH which equates to a 58.27% capacity factor.

For 2015 “Net Dependable Capacity” was 2,682MW with net generation at 14,320,000MWH which equates to a 60.95% capacity factor.

With the expenditures outlined above one can assume that the NYPA is not satisfied with 60% capacity factors.  If the Niagara Hydro Power could move to an 80% capacity factor this would go a long way in meeting NYS CES goals and completely negate the need for the unwanted APEX Lighthouse Wind.

A 20% increase at Niagara Power would generate 2682MW x 8760 hours x .20= 4,698,864MWH/year. APEX’s Application for an unreliable, expensive 201MW x 8760 hours x .26 =   457,800MWH/year.

Moving from 60% capacity to 80% capacity indicates the  Niagara Hydro Power would generate over 10 times as much power EVERY YEAR as the APEX folly.  (4,698,864MWH/457,800MWH = 10.26)

Again 80% at Niagara Power eliminates the need for APEX and nine more wind plantations similar to APEX. Niagara Power generates around 2 cents/kwh. APEX cost to generate is TOP SECRET.

From the above the APEX application should be denied and objectors compensated for the APEX farce.

Gregory G. Woodrich