Better to vote in person, rather than by mail

Posted 27 August 2020 at 12:41 pm


Many voters will have the opportunity to vote by mail in the upcoming election this fall.        This is an extremely bad idea on several counts. It does not take any imagination to believe that the process of requesting, filling out and returning a ballot is clumsy, subject to error, loss and yes subject to manipulation and fraud.

Much additional handling is involved in a mail-in ballot before it actually gets recorded as a vote, as opposed to an in-person vote. A mail-in ballot has to be requested, mailed, opened, filled out, mailed back, opened and recorded, a process that involves considerable time and handling, at least six times. There is ample opportunity for error, mistake, and loss. There also the opportunity to vote twice once by mail and once in person.

The claim is being made most recently by noted liberal columnist Mr. Steven V. Roberts in his local publication of August 15th that there is no evidence of manipulation and fraud. Not so, Mr. Roberts is so blinded by his dislike for President Trump that pertinent facts are being deliberately ignored.

Ballot harvesting, finding uncounted absentee ballots in the trunk of a car, and most recently the voting fraud in Patterson N.J. in May, wherein a revote must be taken, are all evidence that fraud and manipulation can take place.

The potential for fraud, abuse and mistakes are greatly enhanced by mail-in in voting. Further the ballot must be mailed early, depriving voters of the opportunity to involve themselves in the complete election cycle

The most disturbing aspect of mail-in voting is the potential for a substantial delay in declaring a winner. Both parties will have a field day claiming victory and accusing one another of fraud and suppression of votes.

There will be endless controversy over the legitimacy of many a mail-in ballot. Was the signature messed up? Was the correct envelope used? Was it mailed on time? Was it post marked? etc., etc., etc.

We may not therefore know for several days or more, who actually won the election. The public is entitled to a  speedy election result particularly in these days of unrest where demonstrators and protestors regularly take to the streets, attempting to short circuit the democratic process. It would be far more productive if they volunteered at the voting booth.

There is risk in going to a polling booth in the midst of a raging pandemic. I submit there is no more risk and possibly less, than going shopping, going to the gym, going bowling, going out to dinner and the like. The greater risk lies in compromising and confusing a critical election.  President Trump is correct. Vote in person on election day and assure that your vote is counted.   Our democracy depends on it.

James C. Hoffman