Better to oust Trump in next election rather than trying impeachment

Posted 18 September 2019 at 9:35 pm


At some point there may be no other option, but impeachment of “the chosen one” would, in my opinion, be of no benefit to the United States of America today. While the House of Representatives has the basis to charge him, removal from office requires more than simple majority cooperation from the Senate. Without that, impeachment is futile.

In essence, impeachment (the equivalent of a grand jury indictment) would rile up the president’s ardent supporters. It would allow him to play the role of victim (a part he milks for all it is worth) while letting the citizens of our republic off the hook.

The 2020 election should decide whether the president of the United States stays in office. In other words, people who care enough about this exceptional country and all the good it stands for need to examine his record and their consciences and decide whether he deserves a second term.

Until then, we have democracy and ourselves to thank for the situation we are in. That is to say that whatever short-term gain may result from the self-proclaimed “chosen one’s” tenure will likely come at the cost of considerable long-term pain.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent