Better system needed for bringing in immigrants who do critical hard work for U.S.

Posted 21 May 2024 at 11:08 am


With all due respect to Mr. Capurso and Mr. Fine, yes, the immigrants who work tediously hard jobs – farming and raising our crops – must receive their due credit. Most of us don’t have the strength and endurance to do such work. All credit  and appreciation is due them.

Our forefathers, similarly, longed to live and prosper in a free land such as ours. Our forefathers did, however, enter our country legally. There was a legal process they had to enter. I think the issue here is: legal vs. illegal entry (breaking the law of the United States) even though the once national security  border has been partly removed.

Shouldn’t those entering our country be vetted for our own safety? Shouldn’t there be a better way for legal immigration, a much shorter process for them? I don’t know of any other country (and there may be) where anyone who wishes can just enter that country and become established.

I will say again, yes these workers are badly needed here and are vital for our communities.  There must be a better legal process for these people. I am not being politically minded in with my  words. I  believe that no matter what your political affiliation or no affiliation, there must be a safer and better way to enter the United States.

With all respect and sincerity,

Sandra Shingleton