Benefits of turbines for community outweigh negatives, offer opportunity for better future

Posted 15 February 2018 at 8:22 am


I was shocked to hear wind turbines compared to smoking last week at the Yates town board meeting.  If anything, our dependence on coal, oil and gas is like a smoking addiction. And wind energy is the cleaner, fresher lifestyle we should be seeking.

Just like coming off cigarettes, many people will kick and scream in the process. It’s an addiction. It’s hard. It’s new. It’s different. But the benefits far outweigh any negatives. While all energy sources have an impact, studies have shown that wind energy’s impacts are some of the lowest. Wind energy emits no air or water pollution, requires no mining or drilling, uses virtually no water, and creates no hazardous or radioactive waste.

I am a former smoker, and I quit because I want to lead a healthier lifestyle. It was hard, but I realized it was better for my health. I pray the towns of Yates and Somerset will realize that we can be a part of moving our area toward a cleaner energy future. In the meantime, it will make us more financially healthy as well with funding for our towns, counties and schools. And, we can be more competitive as we seek further investment in our towns and our future. Otherwise, our towns will continue to decline and our taxes will continue to go up.

I vote for a healthy future for my family and friends in Yates and Somerset. That means supporting the windmills.

Linda Fisk