Bathroom vandal in Albion strikes Porta-Potty at Bullard

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 19 September 2018 at 11:43 am

ALBION – About a month after the Village of Albion closed the bathrooms at Bullard Park and Veterans Park due to vandalism, a Porta-Potty was hit, likely on Monday.

Albion decided to bring in a Porta-Potty to Bullard and close the regular bathrooms after the toilet had been broken and detached, and feces was smeared on the walls on several occasions.

On Tuesday morning, the Albion Department of Public Works found the urinal was plugged in the Porta-Potty and feces was on the floor and had been spread around.

The incident is infuriating to village officials, including Mayor Eileen Banker.

“What are these people thinking?” she said about the vandals. “Maybe we shouldn’t have any bathrooms at the park.”

The incidents divert the DPW from other pressing tasks because the village then has to respond to situation at the bathroom.

“It’s not fair to our guys who have to clean that up,” Banker said.

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