Barre would see many benefits from turbine project

Posted 5 November 2019 at 7:07 am


This is written for Barre residents.

Fact- The Town Board has been negotiating the Host Community Agreement with Heritage Wind and is close to finalizing it.

Fact- The payment per megawatt is very close to $8,900 per megawatt. Multiply that times a turbine that produces 5.6 megawatts per turbine. Multiply that times the 31 to 33 wind turbines for the project. hat results in a $1,545,040 to $1,644,720 the first year for the HCA and PILOT.

Fact- The town is looking at a 25-year renewable contract with the developer.

Fact- The amount of money increases each and every year by at least 2 percent.

Fact- Does the Town of Barre get all of that money? No. The PILOT takes some of it. Who is in the PILOT? The county, Albion Central School, the Library, the Fire District and the smallest portion goes to the town.

Fact- The town gets the majority of the money through the HCA. We feel the town should get 80% of the package and the PILOT gets 20%. That is the maximum we can get. The town is still negotiating how much will go to the PILOT.

Fact- The Town Board is fully in support of giving a property tax break to all property owners in Barre. How much, we don’t know yet. It comes down to: 1- number of wind turbines and 2- how much the county and school district require in the PILOT.

Fact- The town would benefit how? Lower taxes, new and improved roads, expansion and upgrades (electric, walking and exercise trails, soccer/lacrosse fields, handicap accessibility) of existing facilities in the Town Park, new fire hall, new town garage, jobs during the construction phase, any other projects that may come up in town.

In order for this to possibly happen you need to get to the polls and vote please.

Please do not be persuaded by rhetoric based on old technology from 20-30 years ago.

Sean P. Pogue, Town Supervisor

Margaret Swan, candidate for Councilwoman

LuAnn Tierney, candidate for Councilwoman