Barre would like to have more celebrations

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 4 July 2018 at 8:15 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

BARRE – Barre Town Supervisor Sean Pogue gives the welcome message on Saturday during the town’s bicentennial celebration at the Barre Town Park.

Barre planned a three-day celebration for the town’s 200th birthday. The town has been throwing big parties every 25 years for milestone anniversaries. Pogue doesn’t want to wait 25 years for the next community celebration.

The town could host block party-style events at the town park, Pogue said. He welcomed volunteers from the community to help plan the events.

“We would like to have something like this more often,” he said. “We want more community involvement so maybe it could be an annual block party at the park.”

The Barre Bicentennial had a patriotic feeling on Saturday during a parade and then a celebration at the park.

Pam Farwell joined her grandchildren on an antique truck in the parade down Route 98.

The Bruning sisters – Sylvia, 5, at left, and Aubrey, 7 – sing “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood during opening ceremonies. The Kendall Community Band performed soon after.

Michael Harris, his daughter Michelle Harris and their dog Harley rode in a golf cart with an American flag from 1818. They are shown on the parade staging area on East Barre Road.

John Becker of Kendall brought a threshing machine to the Barre Bicentennial. The machine was built in the 1930s in Shortsville.

Ed Fiorino, a talented bird carver in Barre, had many of his creations on display.

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