Barre town supervisor urges residents to be good neighbors during this public health crisis

Posted 21 March 2020 at 1:06 pm


In light of the extreme situation that has caused us all to change the way we handle our social interactions, we are asking the organizations listed below within Barre to impress upon your members the need to check in on anyone that they know of, on a regular basis, that is 60 years of age or older and anyone that is physically or mentally disabled regardless of age.

Please make sure that they are well provisioned with food, toiletries and medications. In most cases a phone call may be all that is needed but other cases a visit may need to occur. If visiting please follow the protocol as set forth by the Governor’s Office as well as the Orleans County Health Department.

Everyone knows of someone that may be in need. Just checking on them and a few kind words would boost the moral of someone. It may help the depression some may feel due to isolation. Just a little conversation via phone or through a door would help.

Kindness and a smile helps the soul.

We thank you for helping us get through this crises.

Sean Pogue

Barre Town Supervisor

(This letter was also sent to Barre Betterment Committee, Barre’s Rural Home Owner Committee, Know Your Facts, USA, Clear Skies Above Barre, West Barre Methodist Church, Barre Center Presbyterian Church, Ladies Auxiliary and Barre Fire District/Company.)