Barre town supervisor says he has worked on many issues for the community

Posted 29 October 2019 at 3:48 pm


Barre residents, I’m Sean Pogue and I want to be your Town Supervisor for another term. This past term has been very exhilarating.

Starting with our Bicentennial celebrations, followed by water district #8, the starting of water districts #9 and #10, upgrading technology in the town hall (computers, phone system, motion and fire alarms), completed negotiations with the highway department with a new 4-year contract, connecting and working with state and federal agencies.

The conversion of our street light fixtures and the whole town garage to LED has shown a significant savings to the town. The completion of a successful contract between the Highway Department and the town also shows savings for both parties.

My opponent seems to be concerned about only one item and that is wind turbines. There is more to being responsible for the daily operations and budget management of our town than wind turbines.

On two different occasions I asked my opponent specific questions. The first time he had no idea or how to respond other than on the topic of turbines and that was he has a dislike for them but could not give specifics.

Now don’t get me wrong, my opponent is a nice gentleman but the second time we met I asked him the same basic questions about operations of the town. That time he had some vague answers but kept saying that for more information I should speak with one of his party members that are running for town council. “That is the person I should talk to?” Wait a minute, who’s running for Town Supervisor? This other candidate did walk over to me as I was talking to a couple of town residents and rudely interjected into our conversation, changing the topic and controlling the discussion.

When I decided to run for Town Supervisor I attended the majority of the Town Board meetings for three years, spoke with the Councilmen, Supervisor and Town Clerk. Did I have all the answers or the inner workings of the office? No! But I did my homework.

My opponent has attended very few board meetings and only since he decided to run and only has one item on his agenda. No Turbines! Very much like the rest of those on his party line. They have only one item on their agenda – stop Heritage Wind from coming to town.

If you want representation with blinders on with only one purpose for running for office then they are your candidates. If you want someone that looks at the whole picture, not just Heritage Wind, for all the residents of Barre and the future of this town then vote for Sean P. Pogue for Supervisor, Margaret Swan for Councilwoman and LuAnn Tierney for Councilwoman.

Sean P. Pogue, Ed.D.

Town Supervisor