Barre Town Board too quick to tax residents

Posted 10 July 2017 at 10:50 pm


Beware at the Town of Barre’s work meeting on June 7 another zoning law was to be proposed at the town meeting on June 14. If you want solar energy, for your own use – no tax to the town. However, if you want to sell the energy, then a tax must be paid to the town.

Why can farmers sell their farm products without a tax to the town? Why should this be any different? You already pay taxes on your property. Don’t we already have enough taxes and laws?

I spoke against this tax!!!!

At a recent work meeting, some of your board members were taking on trying to make every home owner buy a water meter and charge for repair or if they break make you buy another or pay for repairs.

I spoke against this tax!!!!

We already pay the highest water cost, $5.00 per 1,000 gallons, plus we have a $15.00 maintenance fee.

We were just awarded $64,454 from the state – for the highway department. Why is this money not being adjusted off the property tax or placed in a special project fund to better our community in case of problem down the line, with a road or other town problem expense – instead of raising taxes down the line, when a problem arises? We should maintain back up fund with a cap and cut taxes whenever possible.

It is time to stop this type of government where five people can just tax and place fees on us without our input!

Robin Nacca

Town of Barre supervisor candidate