Barre surveys included small segment of town’s feelings about turbine project

Posted 9 October 2018 at 2:22 pm


In response to wind energy surveys in Barre, your article said responses were taken online and in person at the Barre Town Hall. How was everybody to know of the in-person or online survey? Why was there no survey in the Pennysaver? Most residents read the Pennysaver. (Maybe that’s the problem.)

Some people received a paper copy of the survey, but not everyone. Why? You said you did a phone survey, where did you get phone numbers for this survey as most people have cell phones and numbers are not listed. Randomly selected?

The town hired a consultant, Labella Associates, which did the survey for the town. Only 290 responses. Apex also conducted a survey – 170 responses stating 52 percent are in support of the project.  Maybe that’s where the problem starts – Both groups conducting surveys are working with the town.

There hasn’t been complete honesty about this project so far. How about letting everyone know about this survey, print one in the Pennysaver or send out a mailer.

Thank you,

Ronald and Susan Carr