Barre survey shows opposition level consistent with response in Yates, Somerset to wind turbines

Posted 14 August 2020 at 7:50 am


The results of a recent survey of Barre households relating to Heritage Wind conducted by George McKenna are very revealing. They track very closely those of three similar surveys relating to Apex Project Light House Wind.

I refer to independent surveys done by the Townships of Somerset and Yates and Save Ontario Shores (SOS). All show a significant response from the public (35-40%) and a grass roots opposition to the siting of industrial wind turbines of more than two to one (2:1).

We that are most affected by the Industrialization of our communities are not being fooled. We understand the hazards and detrimental effects of industrialization and what it will do long term, to a rural community.

Despite this, rural communities comprising approximately 30% of the New York State population are being forced to bear the brunt of Governor Cuomo’s misguided energy policies as dictated by his radical environmental base .

It is time to recognize that the rural community is already contributing much to improving the environment by promoting policies that protect forests, grasslands, wetlands and foster sustainable farming.

Preservation of open space contributes greatly to the protection of our environment. Studies show clean country air is no joke, it is a fact of life. No need to clutter the countryside with grotesque inefficient structures that our grandchildren will be forced to dispose of. Let us keep up the fight to protect and preserve our countryside. Stewardship of the land matters.

James C. Hoffman