Barre supervisor says Town Board has open government, commitment to residents

Posted 3 November 2019 at 8:33 am


Barre residents – You have been deluged with a lot of misinformation lately from many groups.

“Citizens For Change” on their Facebook page have outlined what they will do for the Town of Barre.

#1- Better Communication with Residents of Barre. The primary source of communication is through our website and postings in the lobby and/or door. Any official notices are posted in the Batavia Daily News which is the official paper for the town. On our web site there is contact information for everyone working for the town. Increasing information would have to be by mass mailings, newspaper or Pennysaver. All of which cost taxpayer dollars.

#2- Will Listen to All Residents of our Community. I would like to know when we as a Town Board have not listened to the residents. Whether in meetings, face to face, phone calls or emails. We have listened and replied. Will we as elected officials always give you the answer you want?

#3- Opposition to the Proposed Wind Turbine Project. We as a Town Board have been studying research for many years and have avoided being pushed into a fast decision. We have been bashed but believe me we are doing our due diligence.

#4- Transparency of Actions as We Work To Serve the Barre Community. The town board has been criticized because the opposition believes we are hiding information. We are not. They have FOILed us several times and have found nothing. And the FOIL’s are only about Heritage/APEX not on any of the other operations of the town.

#5- Alternative Tax Abatement. I wish they would describe what they mean by this statement. We as a town board have worked very hard to keep the taxes as low as possible. As assessments go up so do taxes. We have recommended a 3.9% tax cut this year to keep us just under the 2% tax cap. Save money through shared services? We and this county have been doing just that for a very long time. We share equipment and manpower between the towns and villages consistently. In fact Orleans County is a leader in New York State for shared services.

#6- Work to Maintain and Preserve Home Rule in New York State. The Orleans County Legislature at their October 23rd meeting made it very clear that the towns and villages are under the Home Rule Policy. Please remember that we are elected by the majority but we do represent you all. Will we please everyone, no. For years I had a sign in my office that read, “The sure sign of failure is trying to please everyone!” Think about your own lives, have you always pleased everyone?

Everything that Citizens for Change is promising is not different, on 5 out of 6 points, than what we have been doing. The Town of Barre is filled with hardworking, ethical, church-going people that do deserve the best. That is what I feel I have provided this town and will continue if you re-elect me.

Sean P. Pogue, Ed.D.


Town of Barre