Barre supervisor candidate wants to use skills as administrator in running town government

Posted 4 November 2017 at 4:15 pm


Town of Barre residents, my name is Sean P. Pogue and yes I do want to be your best, next Supervisor. I have knocked on about 80 percent of the homes in the town and have spoken to the majority of you either at your homes, meetings, church and many other functions.

A little background on me; I grew up and graduated from high school in Perry, NY. A small agricultural community like Barre, not far from here. I went to college and received a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

I retired from the Rochester City School District where I was an administrator for most of my career. During that time I worked closely with many community and social agencies, colleges and universities, neighborhood groups, parents, parent groups and students, state and local politicians and the city and county law enforcement agencies. I negotiated union contracts, designed budgets and worked within the constraints of the finalized budget. I have written grants, developed and implemented new programs.

I wanted to get back to a small community for some time and here I am. In the 10 years I have lived here, I became increasingly interested in the running and operations of our town government. In the past 4 years, I have attended approximately 90 percent of the Town Board meetings as well as the majority of the Town Planning Board meetings. I am the chairman of the Barre Bi-Centennial Committee and a member of the town park committee.

I think that Matt Passarell, Supervisor for the Town of Albion, said it best in his letter to the editor dated October 31st in the Orleans Hub in support of Carol Culhane: “Despite what some candidates new to government say, no one truly knows how to handle a town supervisor’s responsibilities in their first term. This is especially so if they have, for example, not been a regular participant at meetings, served on a planning board or on town council.”

There is a definite learning curve that changes with time much like what I did in the education field. Although I have not been on the Town Board, I have sat in on many meetings as I pointed out for many years and am active in the community. Can my opponents make the same claim? Do you believe they have the skill set needed to be supervisor?

Am I going anywhere? No, I grew up in a small town and moved back into one. I love the comfort one feels in a small community and want to see things improve for all of us in our community, the Town of Barre. I pledge to work hard for everyone in Barre. I will use the skills and knowledge I have obtained to work with groups and individuals.

I believe in a “WE” concept. A team effort will provide the best outcome. Together “WE” will provide a safe, secure and prosperous Town of Barre.

I would greatly appreciate your support on November 7th. Please go to the Town Hall and vote.

Sean P. Pogue Ed.D.

Republican and Independence candidate for Barre Town Supervisor