Barre should use federal ARPA funds to put electricity at town park

Posted 14 March 2022 at 1:15 pm


The Town of Barre has a very large park with no electricity. We have ARPA (Covid dollars) that need to be used for the town.

The Town Supervisor was looking at using the dollars to expand public water, but because of price increases, it would mean pennies on the dollar. Town Supervisor Sean Pogue also looked at culverts, bridges and road repairs. If we used it for that, we may lose money from NYS funding programs.

Next two items: Internet and/or electric at the park. Both are great options. I do not know where we are at with Spectrum, but electricity at the park would be useful for family and neighbor events.

Go to Barre website to see the park coordinator’s email and book a date.

Barre is where our heart is.

Cyndy Van Lieshout