Barre resident’s survey seeks 100 percent response from community regarding wind energy project

Posted 16 June 2020 at 9:46 am


I, George McKenna, sent a letter to every resident in the Town of Barre. I included a paid postage envelope to return a simple vote. I asked households to choose the statement that best corresponded with their belief on the proposed industrial wind turbine project in Barre.

This letter to the editor is to give all residents of Barre first-hand answers to some of the questions that were being asked about this letter at the June 10th Town Board meeting.

1. Why does the voting page have a number on it?

This was done by the local company I used to send the letters out. It is for the sole purpose of authenticity. The number ensures that no vote is duplicated. Each household only has one vote.

2. Can the number on the voting page be traced back to me?

There is NO WAY to trace the number back to you. It was done by the printing company to guarantee that the responses were genuine (duplicate numbers will not be accepted). Your voice will remain anonymous as promised.

3. How can I be sure you will be accurate and honest?

A. I am only accepting votes mailed via paid postage so that no one can unrightfully tamper with your vote.

B. The voting page cannot be duplicated, as stated above. I want to be as fair as possible to all residents in Barre. One vote per household. This means that if you lost or discarded yours, there will be no way to honestly count your vote because there is no way to know whether it was already counted. Your household will not be able to be counted.

C. All surveys are being held unopened until respectable representatives for differing views are present to open them and tally them. Regardless of how you vote, your voice will be heard.

As I said in my letter, I want your voice to be heard. My goal is 100 percent response so that each resident’s vote is accounted for and being represented. Please send your vote back in the paid postage envelope. This is our community – we deserve to have our voices heard!

Unlike others who have sent in editorials that either they or family members are already benefiting financially for leases they have signed, I have not and will not receive any money to affect my opinion.

I would also like to publicly forgive the people that thought I would do something different than what I said. That includes our town supervisor who went into great  detail on how the numbers could be connected to the addresses. I am only interested in an honest polling of the citizens of  Barre.

I don’t care if my family or others have lived here 100 years or if you have lived here 100 days, we are all neighbors and should have equal say.

If you have any other questions regarding the letter or its sincerity please contact me directly at 585-738-4875.

George McKenna